WE are the World!!

Just the other day, a serious threat was forced upon the students of Berkeley High School in Berkeley, California. It was a racist, violent message supporting the KKK and threatening the lives of African Americans. It was a cruel, sickening display of the racism and hatred that we as a society still battle every day. I might not be black, but I do love my fellow human beings and recognize that as different as we can be individually, we are all one and the same. No one person is better than another because of the color of their skin, their ethnic background, their financial background, their educational background or any other misplaced way of putting another human being down. 

What were the students' responses to such an act of terror? They banded together to show support for one another and to ask for change. This is what I love about the Bay Area!! I'm San Francisco born and raised, and proud of it, but Berkeley has always been forward thinking in terms of the environment, equality, etc. To see this kind of unity amongst the students is so beautiful. Even more beautiful is standing up for what's right and showing others that hate, ignorance, cruelty and violence are not condoned and will not be accepted.

Every single one of us makes a difference. We do it every day in the way we talk to people, talk about people, treat people and even treat ourselves. Those who argue that one person cannot make a difference are adding to the problem. They are essentially telling people that it is ok to spread hate, that it is ok to hurt another human being. 

IT IS NOT OK!!! Each individual that stands for love and acceptance, stands with me. Each individual that stands up to hate, racism and violence, stands with me. We are all individuals, yet when we stand strong together as a united front, we can make any and all positive changes happen in the world. It is our world. Do something good for it! And in doing so, you do something amazing for yourself. WE are the world!