Vocalist  •   Songwriter  •  Actress  •  Activist



Peace, Love and Rock N' Soul!!! A bit of a contradiction? Not when they are embodied by songstress and songwriter Rosy Donovan. 


With an innate passion for singing since the age of 4, she has established a style of her own both musically and personally. 

She strives to live life unabashedly, based on truth, love and honesty, and always finds herself expressing that in the songs she writes. Tiny moments are just as important as major events in your life. They are of equal impact on your soul. Stories that begin with a detail, woven into melody.


Rosy hopes sharing her voice and heart will empower others in their own lives as well as toward the world. She believes that one person can truly make a difference. She plans to stand for and support the causes dear to her with the support she hopes to find in the beautiful people of mankind through her voice. Some of those causes include putting an end to human trafficking, animal rights, human rights and equality. 


Born and raised in San Francisco, California, she made her way south to Los Angeles, where she is also starting to pursue another passion of hers which she feels goes hand in hand with music – acting. She has loved acting since being a little girl, often practices in daily living (read dramatic! ha ha!) and has had formal training. She is finding her way by following the true path of her heart. Rosy is currently writing new material for her independent debut EP, recording in studio, and her favorite – performing live!  


Songs expressing passion and emotion are the ones closest to her heart.  She has the gift of touching her audience with the message at the core of the song.  Rosy Donovan’s own eclectic style of Soul Pop R&B is an experience of looking into someone’s soul as they touch yours.  Once you see Rosy perform live, you will never forget it nor will you want to.