Beauty Lies Within

*Read the actress's original post here:

When I saw this post by actress Claire Bowen, I was so excited, inspired, motivated, and proud! We need more people to speak up on this topic because we have far too many entities coming at us with the opposite and wrong information. Trying to continue the detrimental brainwashing of our society! Here was my initial response and reaction to this beautiful gesture:

This is 100 percent the truth. I love this sentiment and how more of us stand up and speak out on this issue. Clare Bowen speaks on an important issue that I feel is becoming a bigger and bigger problem in our society. 

We aren't born judging ourselves or others, disliking ourselves or others - these things are taught to us by someone else's judgement and hate forced upon us. You hear it yourself or see it done to others so many times that you learn to do the same thing to yourself and others. You eventually believe it must be true to at least a small degree. But the truth is we are all beautiful on the outside - just as we are. As we came into this world. 

On my own, I don't care about a wrinkle, a pimple, an "ugly" facial expression, the mismatched outfit I'm wearing or any of the other millions of things we waste our time with. But I'm reminded several times on a daily basis about these things as if it's important. All it does is leave me feeling insecure and self conscious, like I am doing something wrong by being my normal self. 

Do you know how much time I could spend creating music or learning a new language or enjoying a hike with my dogs instead of putting makeup on or styling my hair on a daily basis? What would you put the time and money you save into? 

I'm not saying not to do those things if you love doing them for the sake of doing them. If makeup is your passion, do it, it's an art. Same with hair and fashion! But if you are only doing it because you want to fit in or be considered "beautiful", then you are only doing yourself a disservice. And in the end continuing to spread the wrong message of a ridiculous and sometimes unattainable "standard" of beauty. 

Guess what? You are beautiful. I am beautiful. I'm not judging you on appearance. All I care about is the love in your heart. All I care about is sharing the love in my heart. Let's spread self esteem and self love. True love from within. Feeling that for yourself, I guarantee you won't care about anything physical on anyone else. Lend your voice to the most beautiful causes - Love, Peace, Acceptance, Compassion and Unity
I will stand with you!