I'm back and I'm Back For GOOD!!

Hello Everyone!! I cannot believe I have been away for so long! By away, I don't mean actually away. Like, not anywhere physically, at least. I have been wandering with my thoughts though. Exploring and growing and learning so much about myself, the world around me and how we fit together.

I have taken classes to expand my mind, learn more musically and meet some interesting people.  I've had someone run into my car with theirs and then try to deny liability. I've had the experience of leasing
my first new car ever in my life!! I have had to make decisions about what gig offers to take over others. Decisions have not always been the easiest for me, but I've learned that every decision you make is the right decision at the time. And you don't have to feel stuck. You can always change your mind. I have had some crazy experiences with musicians and venue owners resulting in a lot of contemplation about what I really want and making that happen.

I have taken care of my voice through sickness and learned so much through research about how to truly care for it. I want so much to do everything for my voice to ensure it's health and longevity because I want to sing until my dying day, even if that's 105 years old!!! I also talk an awful lot which is something to think about regarding my voice.
I really should get that VLOG going, lol!! I took a voiceover class and loved it! I got back into my acting again and did an amazing commercial class with a great teacher!! Through her I did an agent showcase and am now signed to a Commercial Agent and Film/Television Manager for the first time ever!!

I have listened to so many amazing artists and singers before me and really realized what my voice is like amongst them. I love deep, rich, bluesy, soulful voices and I've sung a lot of those artists' songs and even sung in the lowest parts of my range to feel connected to those sounds and songs that I love. But that is not my true voice. I am a Mezzo - a Soprano!! I have a sweet, high, smooth, silky and still soulful voice. And you know the best part? I LOVE MY VOICE! Our voices are unique to us. Like a fingerprint. I cannot wait to learn even more and continue to explore my voice with this new enthusiasm and viewpoint. The songs I will write and the songs I will sing. And I can't wait to share them with you.

I love life and appreciate every little part of it. But I am so excited about the path I'm on now.
I feel like the most amazing things I have always dreamed of, worked toward and wanted are just on the horizon and they could be right in front of me at any moment. I love having such great things to focus on, the right people in my life and sharing that love with any being that comes in contact with me. It is a light that emanates! I want to shine mine and I want you to shine yours too. Let's make this world brighter. I told you I'm back. And definitely Back For GOOD!!!!!!!