I LOVE Performing LIVE!!!

So, no this is not a photo of me performing live, but it is from the 626 Night Market where I did perform live and loved it!!! Not only was the performance so fun, but navigating the vendor booths of delicious food and drink options was wonderfully overwhelming! I am definitely a roller coaster of emotion and I tend to really feel, so when I get excited about something, this photo is a prime example of my energy level! This photo was taken by the incredible Gua GuanJr (click his name to go to his site). He knows how to capture life! Check out the other photos he took HERE.

So I did perform live on what is quite possibly my favorite holiday -
HALLOWEEN!!!!! I got to dress up in costume (I was Alice in Wonderland!) and do what I love most, sing my heart out! I was subbing for a cover band, Pop Vision, at Agua Caliente in Rancho Mirage, California. It was truly a blast!! More fun was probably not possible. My baby was there showing his support and the band and I were having a great time on stage. People were dancing in costume all night and the Casino Resort Spa itself was definitely in the spirit!! So how did I not realize that we didn't manage to get a single photo of the show, the band, the audience, and I didn't even get a photo in my costume!!! WHAT?!?! That's nuts! 

Well, here's to being on it next time and hopefully every time so I can share all these moments with you. Especially if you are in a far off land and cannot come to see a performance in person! I hope you had a safe and fun Halloween! If you didn't celebrate, then I hope you had an excellent Saturday!